The Grace of Golden Retrievers

European and American Golden Retrievers

                          Updated 12/12/2022

We have moved locations! Now located in Spartanburg SC.

We have a lovely one year old adult famale british cream golden available for adoption. 


"Kasino" - Ukranian Champion

About Us

Our breeding program currently includes five beautiful goldens;  Delta,  Lady, and Flo and our wonderful studs;  Ivan, and Woody (our co-owned American boy). He lives in Brooks KY with his our good friends Jane and Gary Sherer.

Our dogs come from some of the best show and field lines in both the United States and Europe. The two most important objectives in breeding our dogs are to promote health and sound temperament in our adult dogs and in the puppies they produce. In addition we strive to improve “type” in accordance with AKC standards.  All our dogs are AKC registered.

Our Golden Retrievers are raised on a large farm with ample space to run and explore. They love to romp and play in the woods and fields but swimming in the pond is by far their most favorite activity. These are true water dogs and love to take a frequent plunge in any weather or season. Beloved pets, they receive lots of TLC. If you’ve had the pleasure of walking,  playing,  throwing, or hunting with a Golden Retriever,  then you have experienced firsthand the marvelous traits that make this breed  something  special; characteristics we feel are worth promoting and sharing. Being highly trainable, it is no wonder they are a favored choice among all breeds providing families with a wonderful balance of companionship and fun. 

These beautiful dogs make it a pleasure and privilege to be able to share the Grace of Golden Retrievers.